We're Hiring!


We are looking for a super fun and outgoing individual who can keep the hostel vibe positive and the nightlife safe.

We are seeking someone responsible with a great attitude to be on-call during the evening in case there are late arrivals and phone calls. We have a super simple system that is great for our guests after hours, but sometimes there may be a need for help in which case you would be called to help. This position would be super relaxed with our main mandate getting our guests out, having fun, and making sure everyone arrives without a hitch.

Your stay with us would be offset by your volunteer hours. The cost per week would be the price of a one night stay in a dormitory and there would be some amazing perks to the position (Stand Up Paddle, Bikes, Introduction to our amazing outdoor mecca).

Minimum stay requirement is 6 weeks.

Please contact us for more information.

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