Rock Climbing


Outdoor Introductory Stay and Climb Package

Check rock climbing off your bucket list with an introductory half or full day climbing course.  If you’ve never climbed before, Aric Fishman will introduce, educate and entertain you on the basic of climbing.  All gear is included.

½ day stay and climb packages from $119.00 (1 night pod accommodation and ½ day climbing course)

Full day stay and climb packages from $189 (1 night pod accommodation and full day climbing course)


Outdoor Intermediate Stay and Climb Package

You’ve climbed a few times and are looking for something with a bit more of a challenge? The intermediate full day climbing course will fulfill your itch to climb vertical surfaces.

Two night accommodation packages with one day of climbing from $239.00 (2 nights pod accommodation and all day climbing)


Boulder Bear Indoor Stay and Climb Packages

While the sun shines a lot in T-Bay, sometimes an indoor climb is just the thing you need to get out of the rain or snow or you’ve got a small window of time. Boulder Bear Climbing Centre is the largest indoor climbing gym in the region and a destination to get your indoor fix from.

Intro to Climbing Course $55


Boulder Bear Indoor Introductory Stay and Climb

Designed for participants age 13 and up, participants will be shown how to tie knots, use equipment and operate the ropes for one another using our top ropes. This package comes with a one-week membership as well as rental equipment for the day the course is taken. This course takes between an hour to an hour and a half.

Stay and Climb from just $85 per person (one night pod accommodation and course)


Advanced Stay and Climb

Combine your Haven stay with an advanced lesson designed for those looking to further their climbing abilities. The advanced lesson can cover the topic of technique or lead climbing. If the participant is looking to learn to lead belay, they need to bring their own appropriately rated climbing rope. This course can take between an hour or two hours depending on the group.

Packages start from $90 per person (one night pod accommodation and course)

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